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It is sad but true that Delhi is considered the most polluted cities in the world. In the past few years there has been a steep rise in the air and noise pollution levels in Delhi NCR region, which has eventually lead to health hazards for the people. A major reason for the increasing pollution levels in the city is the rising number of cars. Besides affecting the environment the increasing number of vehicles has also caused the problem of traffic congestion.

 For this very reason today, many people are opting for the carpool option to reach their destination. Carpooling or ridesharing has been a very popular concept in the western countries and is gradually gaining recognition in India as well.

Carpooling has proved to be very beneficial for the environment. The reduction in the cars on the road means lesser emission of CO2, which eventually brings positive impact on the environment. Even there is a lesser consumption of fuel due to ride sharing.

Sharing a ride also leads to the reduction in traffic congestion and road rage. This eventually curbs the travelling time and driving stress, thus helping people to enjoy a comfortable ride to their destination. By joining carpools people have also been able to save a lot of money that were earlier spent on fuel and parking fees.
Recently, many carpooling online applications have come up which mainly connects poolers with seekers. These organizations ensure safety of each pooler by verifying the background of the members registered with them.

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