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Sahil’s rushing to Chanakyapuri Metro Station, coffee cup in hand, earphones blaring. It’s 8:25 and if he’s not on a metro bound to Rajiv Chowk in the next 8 minutes, he’s going to be late to work….again. As he’s hurriedly making his way up the staircase that leads to the entrance of the metro station, a woman with her baby in her arms walks right into him, knocking his morning coffee clean out of his hand and on to an elderly gentleman in a suit. Oh well, it’s rush hour at a metro station in Delhi, these things happen.

After apologizing profusely to the elderly gentleman in a suit, Sahil manages to make it to the ticket counter in time only to be greeted by a long queue of commuters, all of whose metro cards seem to have been maxed out on the same day as his. By the time he reaches the front of the queue, he has given up all hope of making it to work in time.

Recharging his metro card, he jostles his way to the platform where he hears a public announcement informing him that his metro will now depart from another platform. Without much thought, he runs to the designated platform and pushes his way into the metro just as the doors are about to close.

Once inside the compartment, he heaves a sigh of relief but the stench of sweaty armpits all around him triggers his gag reflex. He squirms a little, trying to make room for himself and his bag, annoying the commuters around him. He looks around the compartment and realizes there is no hope of getting a seat.

When he finally gets to work, tired and sweaty, Seema, his manager, lets him know that their boss is already waiting for him in the meeting room. Dropping his bag to the floor and running his hand through his hair, he rushes to the meeting room. “Good Morning”, his boss says, sternly. Sahil gulps and wonders, “What is good about this morning?”

Sahil’s story is no different from the thousands of commuters in Delhi who brave the rush hour to get to work every day. Which leaves us, at GreenCar India, wondering, “Isn’t there a better way?”

As an environmentally conscientious NGO based out of Delhi, we suggest carpooling as the best way to travel to and from work. Carpooling isn’t just good for the environment; it is more comfortable and hassle free when compared to overcrowded and sometimes erratic public transport.

Carpooling via allows you to arrange your commute at your convenience, share the cost of traveling and enjoy the commute with users of your choice. By switching to carpooling, your ‘tryst with the rush hour’ will become a safe and stress-free commute.