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In India women safety is one of the most talked about topic. In the last few years, many cases of sexual abuse on women have come to the limelight. The situation is such that many women feel unsafe travelling alone at night, even in the late evenings due to the rise in such cases.

Today the concept of all-women-carpool is gaining popularity in many of tier -1 cities of the country that ensures safety of the ladies. Mostly working women who go to the same destination are creating carpool groups to travel together safely.

Many online applications are also available that initiate female-only carpool. In such online platform the ladies can search for other women travellers and create a pool easily to enjoy a safe ride to work or any other destination.

Though Female-only carpools are gaining popularity yet many women are there who cannot rely on such travelling modes. But many carpooling platforms are safeguarding by taking official email ID etc. all the members who register with them. This ensures that the ladies would be travelling with genuine co-passengers

With the emergence of carpooling platforms women no longer have to travel alone and easily save enough money.

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